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Studio Stocks is a dynamic contemporary tap dance company dedicated to producing innovative work that highlights the diversity of emotion that tap dance can bring, from joyous celebrations to poignant reflections. 

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Studio Stocks is a dynamic contemporary dance company dedicated to the vibrant art of tap dance. At our core is the creation of tap dance works that not only showcase the technical proficiency and artistry of our dancers but also the  emotions that tap dance can evoke.


Founded in Melbourne by Garry Stocks, Studio Stocks aims to innovative this art form by pulling inspiration from multiple dance genres. Garry, a seasoned tap dancer and ex-member of the Australian Ballet Company, envisions collaborative works that have strong emotional impact. We draw on the many years of rich culture and history that underpin this incredible African American tradition, aiming to paint our own unique works that inspire and captivate. 


Studio Stocks’ premiere work, “Melancholia,” ventures into uncharted territory by fusing tap with contemporary dance forms. This ambitious project explores themes of loss, chronic pain, and grief, offering audiences a profound journey toward hope in the face of adversity. As Studio Stocks prepares for the premiere of "Melancholia" at Chapel off Chapel in February 2025, the production aims not only to captivate audiences but also to advance tap artistry within the community. Moreover, it serves as a stepping stone for Studio Stocks' evolution, ushering in a new era of emotional depth within the art form.

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This project is vital in the dance community, addressing the lack of opportunities for tap dancers to showcase their talents. Tap dance is often underrepresented, necessitating innovative approaches for its growth and recognition. 

Supporting this project is crucial for several reasons. It introduces an innovative approach to tap dance, offering a cohesive narrative that delves into societal themes like chronic pain and depression over its 40-minute duration, aiming to evoke profound emotions.


Moreover, by embracing cross-genre collaboration, including a unique pas de deux between a tap and contemporary dancer, it promises to expand its reach to a broader audience, offering a transformative audio-visual experience. The project emphasizes diverse cast representation, empowering women in the tap community, and promoting inclusivity in the arts. 

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